Resort uses solely Portuguese based manufacturing for all our garment production.

Based in the mountains of northern Portugal, outside Porto, in the towns of Barcelos, Guimaraes, Braga, Farmalicao…. We use family owned textile factories many of which have been there for more than a century and still hone their crafts for us smaller brands. 

These garments are produced by people who care and by people who are cared for in their workplace. We only work with trusted and licensed producers, and a substantial part of our product line is made from organic cotton and or recycled materials for our non natural yarns. Our technical yarns are recycled and have anti bacterial properties. Our dyes are non synthetic where possible but non toxic and non azo 100% of the time.

Packaging is kept to a minimum and wherever possible is either recycled or biodegradable. Again. Made in Portugal. Our cotton/wools/dyes and knit factories are all based here. Our trim suppliers are local.

Nothing is stock. Everything is bespoke. We know our products entire life cycle.
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